Having lived all over the world from Delhi to Sydney to Dubai to London and now New York, with plenty of travel in between, I have been lucky enough to enjoy and fall in love with a lot of different cuisines. I love eating and spending time in the kitchen cooking great food. I can lose myself for hours in great books about food and feel like I traveled off to a distant land in some way and get inspiration for my next meal.  I am constantly in the back of my mind planning what my next meal is going to be! Good food is an important part of enjoying life, its sexy and makes you happy.

On this blog you may see me cook Italian, Greek, Moroccan, Asian especially Chinese, Thai, English and of course food from India. The indian recipes are truly authentic and a lot will be exactly how my Mom makes them! I got my love of cooking from her and not surprisingly it is some of her dishes I crave most when I need comfort. The smells alone take me back in time to my childhood.  I try to stay as true as I can to the original flavors from a cuisine when cooking.

Well, with all that said hope you enjoy reading the blog and get down in the kitchen and get cooking with me…